• 07/04/2020

Scientifically proven value-betting

In-Play Value Hunter is a new & unique betting- tool developed by the Product Manager at Stats24, Güven Bilal.

It’s been scientifically proven that value-betting is the safest and most correct way to win in sports betting.

With this tool, we can help the users to beat the bookies with the correct value and their own probability estimated for 1X2. Based on the bookies probability estimate for 1X2.

Based on the bookies probability estimate for 1X2 you’ll never find value and the payback rate will always be below 100%, usually 90-95%. And the users will always lose in long term, because the bookmakers have a winning margin which is about 5-10%.

The bookmakers are always winning in long term on the favorite teams like, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Chelsea etc.,

But with this unique tool, it’s possible to win in long term on these favorite teams, because this system only find matches where the winning probability is minimum 60% and the value is minimum +10%.

Our tool is telling you when you should bet on these matches, when they go live. And remember; we are only using the bookmakers’ probability, which’s often very accurate.

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