Nice currently has the best defense in Europe

Nice currently has the best defense in Europe
Nice is the team that has conceded the fewest goals in Europe's top leagues.

Nice has had great success in the French Ligue 1, currently topping the league with 22 points. They remain unbeaten with 6 wins and 4 draws, which is one of the best season starts in the club's history. One of the reasons for their significant success is their defense, having conceded only 4 goals. Therefore, they not only have the fewest goals conceded in Ligue 1 but also in Europe's top leagues.

Teams with fewest goals conceded in Europe’s top leagues: 
◉ Nice (4)
◉ Inter Milan (5)
◉ Juventus (6) 
◉ Bayern Munich (6)
◉ RB Leipzig (7)
◉ Man City (7) 

Not surprisingly, Nice is also the team with the most clean sheets in Ligue 1, with Marcin Bulka in goal keeping 7 clean sheets.
He is also the goalkeeper with the highest save percentage (82.6%), so they have a strong last line of defense in their goal.

Most clean sheets in Ligue 1: 
◉ Marcin Bulka (7) 
◉ Lucas Chevalier (5)
◉ Arthur Desmas (4) 
◉ Gianluigi Donnaruma (4) 

Impressive from Nice, who have had a superb start. Now, they have a home game against Rennes, where considering a clean sheet for the home team might be a good tip if you're looking for advice for the weekend's matches.





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